The basis for an efficient grinding process is a double spindle with forced ventilation with up to 6 grinding discs, 7.5 kW (100%) power and stable HSK50 holders.  All tool types that exist today can be machined on the NORMA. Both the mechanics and the software with their grinding processes have the Schneeberger label. Shaft tools in automatic loading mode and profile cutting inserts can be produced on the same machine. The NORMA is the result of continuous advancements and raising the bar in machine construction. The machine bed made from moulded mineral gives the machine the stability required for perfect grinding results, even for future applications. Automatic tool loading for production or regrinding is solved elegantly. The integrated loader is highly convenient, has large loading capacity and allows the user access while the machine is running. The side access is generously proportioned and the operator panel can be brought into an ergonomic position. All movements of the loader are CNC-controlled.  This enables pallets to be defined freely and tool spaces to be assigned freely.

Devamı Gör

Teknik Özellikler

X Eksen Hareket Mesafesi 400 mm
Y Eksen Hareket Mesafesi 280 mm
Z Eksen Hareket Mesafesi 300 mm
A Eksen Dönme Açısı 360°
C Eksen Dönme Açısı 340°
Kontrol Ünitesi FANUC 31i B5
Taş Çapı ø 50mm to ø 250mm
Taş Mili Koniği HSK50
Taş Devri 9.000 rpm
Taş Motoru Gücü 10 kW
Ağırlık 5.500kg