The headquarters of Schaublin Machines SA is located in the heart of the region where the Swiss machinery industry is born. Many internationally established companies are established in the Jura Arc region. In this region, the production of precise machine tools has enabled the residents to acquire extensive knowledge in the field over time, and to record even greater progress in the machine tool industry. This accumulation is the ideal basis for precision machine manufacturing. Even today, almost a hundred years after the establishment of the company, the precision machinery manufacturing goal of Schaublin Machines SA has not changed since the great experience gained in lathe and milling machine manufacturing. With about 115 employees, we maintain traditions when implementing innovation. Today, we manufacture and distribute vertical turning centers for conventional lathe, CNC lathe and milling. The famous Schaublin 102 and 70 lathes, which we have succeeded in selling over 100,000 units worldwide, are continuing their success. These machines are also equipped with a variety of additional devices such as residual cycle setting (model mark CF) and integrated motor (model mark MI). At the same time, we are proud to equip CNC lathes and machining centers with the precision that is always a feature of Schaublin Machines SA products. For this purpose, we are constantly striving to develop our products by implementing new technologies. The strengths of these machines and their side devices are their sensitivity. We are very proud that it is possible to meet customers who are still using their Schaublin Machines SA machines, which are older than 60 years old, and are still very satisfied with their products.