The body structure adopts an integral balance formation design. High-density cast iron and high-accuracy processing are surely secured the rigidity of the machine, reducing risk of distortion by collision.

In the axial movement mechanism, our machines eliminate conventional two-axial movement, adopting European style’s uni-axial movement:i.e., only one work table axis moving at a time. Main advantage of this design is less deviation caused by vibration of two-axial overlap.

Linear motion system uses the highest class of “Linear Guideway”,”Ball Screw” and plus “totally automatic lubrication” to guarantee stability of grinding precision and extend machine life.

Computer Numerical Control system with user-friendly interface dialogue offers very simple training and operation.

The machine proves hignly competitive by its productive efficiency because of high-speed grinding and stable precision.

Devamı Gör

Technicial Specifications

Swivel Over Table Diameter ø400mm
Workhead Speed 0-1000 rpm
Grinding Capacity ø2-300mm
Maximum Grinding Depth 200mm
Maximum Grinding Diameter (Outside Diameter) ø60mm
Maximum Workpiece Weight 45kg
ID Roundness 0.001mm