X axis designed with big”V”slide way.  Compoumd two flat & one big V ( 一V一)longitudinal slide ways design for high straightness accuracy. Smooth table movement. Big V way design for minimizing heat deformation. Graphic conversational operation system for easy CNC operation, high performance for surface and form grinding. Elevation with counter weigh balance design. Concave/convex grinding function. (Workpiece with 0.06mm concave grinding)Superior NN type double row cylindrical roller bearing design for maximum grinding performance. Separated “BOX” type Double column and work table. Whole series Modularized design. Pro-E designed machine base, no S shape deformation. Machine and base accuracy will not affected by the grinding heads movement. Grinding vibration will not affect work table, thus, offer better surface finish and accuracy. Square type double column design, provides highest rigidity. Ground beam design, accuracy will not be affected by the moving heads. Machine Base and Table Design.

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Technicial Specifications