Manual Surface Grinder

This high precision surface and form grinder has been specially developed and improved in recent years. The tool cabinet in machine base is specially designed for operator’s convenience (618m).The interlock between electrical cabinet door and power supply is established to ensure safe operation.

The maximum distance from table surface to spindle centerline is 18″ (450mm) which provides more clearance for grinding.

The sping loaded type table travel stops will dampen theovertravel caused by abnormal operations (618m).The optimum span of double V crossfeed guideways is designedbased on bending moment, kinematics supporting force.

All essential castings are mode of high grade of meehanite castiron that is stress relieved through annealing to eliminateinternal stress.

With the greatest stiffness and stability of the castings, this machine is suitable for both precision surface grinding and formgrinding .This grinder is offered with one-full-year limited warranty formechanical and electrical parts .

Devamı Gör

Technicial Specifications