Designed for Polishing of Cylindrical Work Parts
Thanks to the unique design of the intermediate bed, up to 1000 mm workpieces can be loaded, and precision and machine life are extended.
Superior Control System
The use of the FANUC control system and “Hurise” design software is both user friendly and maximizes productivity in the process.
Patented Dual Spindle
The patented twin spindle allows 16 different threads to be ground in a single loop. The grinding machine adopts uniaxial motion to lift the error caused by vibration generated by conventional methods.
Precision Angle Adjustment
The work head has automatic locking features and can be adjusted. In addition, the advanced angle optical ruler with resolution of 0,0001 ° significantly improves efficiency and accuracy in adjusting the angle.

Devamı Gör

Technicial Specifications

Swivel Over Table Diameter ø500mm
Workhead Speed ø320mm
Grinding Capacity 0-1000 rpm
Hole Grinding Diameter ø2-320 mm
Maximum Grinding Depth 250mm
Maximum Grinding Diameter (Outside Diameter) ø320mm
Maximum Workpiece Weight 300kg
ID Roundness 0.001mm