Jig grinding machines are machines used to grind complex shapes and holes that require precision and surface quality at the highest level. The jig grinding is similar to the jig borer in that the position of the table and the work mill are very sensitive (much more than manual milling or lathe). It is used by tool and mold makers in manufacturing jig or matching holes. They often use jig grinding machines, linear motors, pneumatic grinding heads (or electric grinding heads), and a variety of other components such as a variety of cooling systems intended to provide cooling fluid to the work and machine.
The machine operates with high spindle rotation. The workmanship can be removed and changed to achieve changing processing speeds. Some work stations have a fixed speed (60,000 rpm), some can be adjusted (30,000 ~ 50,000 rpm) and some work are very high speed (150,000 rpm). The main spindle has varying speeds to maintain a suitable speed of advance. The machines are equipped with standard X and Y tables. All axes are indexed to 0.0001 in the handwheel. The machine uses a linear motor. The spindle operates at varying speeds and precision of 0.0001 for very precise drilling and grinding. A reliable jig grinding machine will help you achieve a higher level of productivity. All of these features are sensitive

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