The Cylindrical Internal Grinding Machine is mainly designed for internal diameter grinding and traditionally uses “single grinding spindle.” Nowadays, what with ever more industries requiring concentricity of multiple grinding faces (all ground in one setup), it looms difficult to achieve by using a conventional “single grinding spindle” on more than two faces: e.g., external diameter, internal diameter, face or taper. One wheel can only grind faces with smaller difference in diameter.

Given these shortcomings of conventional machines,HURISE developed a totally new “CNC Multi-Function Internal/External Grinding Machine” equipped with“Twin Grinding Spindles” and delicate “FANUC CNC Control” .High concentricity accuracy can be achieved for grinding multiple faces in only ONE SETUP. In addition, proper utilization of Z- and Y-axis extends the effective grinding zone to a broader range.

Devamı Gör

Technicial Specifications

Swivel Over Table Diameter ø500mm
Workhead Speed 0-1000 rpm
Grinding Capacity ø2-400mm
Maximum Grinding Depth 250mm
Maximum Grinding Diameter (Outside Diameter) ø320mm
Maximum Workpiece Weight 50kg
ID Roundness 0.001mm