CNC Cylindrical Grinder (Heavy Duty Type)

Newly developed EXTOMAX breaks through the original limited design of medium- and small-sized machine tools.

Reinforced structure, low gravity and high rigidity machine base, made of Meehanite cast iron through annealing an aging treatment, incorporated into a no-deformation and precise machine body.

Longitudinal and traverse sliding tables, with enlarged overall stride and rail way width, precision scrapping made on both horizontal and vertical sides, coupling with hydrostatic structure, light and steady movement of sliding table, repeated precision reaching up to micron level.

Grinding wheel spindle designed with hydrostatic bearing, free of metal friction and thermal deformation, allowing smooth within the oil film operation of spindle.

Workhead and tailstock specially designed for heavy duty work, high rigidity structure, increasing overall loading capacity Workhead is driven by servo motor, providing step-less variable speed change. Supported by precision bevel bearing attains vibration free transmission ability. Tailstock equipped with hydraulic and stopper for easy operation, horizontal air bearing designed for easy displacement, reducing friction and increasing longevity.


Devamı Gör

Technicial Specifications