Granite structure with good vibration damping, and perfect mechanical motion, the surface of job could be greatly improved.

The variations influenced by heat source and working environment could be reduced because of its low coefficient of heat expansion. Besides, the granite structure machine maintains in good stability and increases working accuracy. For an easily daily maintenance, it is also an ideal machine with antirust and resistance of acidity and alkali.

Three axes adopt linear motors as motion transmission. The advantages of linear motors are highly responsive, accurate, and rigid. This machine possesses ultra speed, super acceleration, and without backlash. Such simplicity structure design greatly increases working efficiency, realizing high speed and ultra-high accuracy working quality.

Three axes are supplied with full roller type linear guideway (P4 grade with giant loading capacity, ultra high rigid and great motion accuracy. These contribute good motion accuracy and extra long usage life.

High efficiency water cooling instruments are equipped at three axes linear motors to ensure riding heat from the motors no longer influence machine structure. The lubricating tank supplying with coolant system could guarantee the constant temperature to avoid deforming workpiece or machine structure. The machine itself adopts with double layer anti-vibration design to minimize any outer interference as vibration to ensure machine accuracy at the best condition.

This machine conforms to the CE requirements for assuring operator’s safety.

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Technicial Specifications