5 axis high performance CNC grinding machine for large parts and metal removal. The machine can be delivered with X-axis travel distances ranging from 650 to 3000 mm. Standard A-axis or cylindrical grinding axes that can reach up to 1250 Nm. The tool table contains T-channels that provide flexibility allowing installation of a wide variety of clamping systems, such as a magnetic mounting table. Large loading robot with 4 pallet or turntable is suitable for teams with tool holder.

• Version with ball spindle and linear motor on all axes
• Stone grinding unit
• Stone changer with 8 stone packages and cooling fluid dispenser
• Power spindle up to 32 kW / HSK80
• Automatic intermediate bed and counterstop

Devamı Gör

Technicial Specifications

X Axis Movement Distance 650-1100-1700-3000mm
Y Axis Movement Distance 300mm
Z Axis Movement Distance 280mm
A Axis Swing Angle 360° (800 rpm)
C Axis Swing Angle 240°
Control unit FANUC 31i B5
Stone Diameter ø 50mm to ø 250mm
Stone Shaft Cone HSK50 or 80
Stone Age 10.000 rpm
Stone Motor Power 15 (18), 20 (25) or 26 (32) kW
Weight 11.000-12.500-14.500-19.000 kg