CORVUS cType grinding with more powerful performance for many applications. The latest generation of polymer-based counter provides very high stability, resistance to heat-dependent expansion, and high speed for short axes and all axes.

The grinding head consists of a high-performance, internally cooled electric work shaft (up to 50 kW peak). Strong cooling fluid also increases thermal stability, especially if the material is highly abrasive.

Typical application areas:
• Cramer thread, straight or angular threading
• Shaft grinding with all kinds of profile
• Compressor screw and worm gear grinding
• Grinding of large austenitic pebbles for sectors such as the wind energy sector

Devamı Gör

Technicial Specifications

X Axis Movement Distance 1100-1700-3000mm
Y Eksen Movement Distance 300mm
Z Axis Movement Distance 300mm
A Axis Swing Angle 360° (800 rpm)
C Axis Swing Angle 240°
Minimum Feed Range
Minimum Pass Rate
Control unit
FANUC 31i B5
Stone Diameter c360: ø 360mm – c500: ø 500mm
Stone Shaft Cone c360: HSK80 – c500: HSK190
Stone Age c360: 10.000 rpm – c500: 6.000 rpm
Stone Motor Power c360: 26 (32) kW – c500: 40 (50) kW
Weight 12.500-14.500-19.000kg