1. Meehanite whole castings, uniform structure, could sustain various operating environment without deformation and also maintain long-term machine intensity and cutting accuracy.
2. Casting base in symmetry design efficiently counteracts thermal stress and chopping stress. Cross ribbed casting base also enhances the rigidity and durability.
3. Double column door design with minimum vibration in rapid feed achieves more glossy work pieces and preserves longer tools usage.

High Speed:

1. Three axis motors and precise ballscrews transmitting directly strengthen rigidity and higher accuracy.
2. C 3 grade precise ballscrews, processing 3°C pre-extension, effectively enhances rigidity and accuracy.
3. Adopting heavy load Schneeberger linear guideways, achieves low deformation, superior intensity and high coefficient in absorbing vibration
4. Rapid traverse (X,Y,Z) 24m/min.

Great Accuracy:

1. P4 grade sliding bearing spindle reaches 12000 R.P.M
2. The inner cooling cycle system in spindle effectively removes the heat which generates from high speed operation. It does not only maintain the spindle in constant temperature for longer spindle usage but also stabilize the chopping accuracy.
3. Positioning Accuracy ±0.005/300mm

Repeatability ±0.003/300mm

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Technicial Specifications