QP2040 Quick Floating Type Tool Release system.  Workpiece measurement (Option). Easy chip flow splash guard design. Three axes C3 pretensioned ballscrew, Ø40mm x P12mm. Unlike bolts tightened motor seat, this new design provides much higher accuracy & rigidity! Optional ZF gearbox.  300 psi (20 bar) Coolant-Through-Spindle System (option).

By adopting 4 hardened square ways on QP2855,QP3560 & QP3572,and 6 hardened square ways on QP4088 & QP40128,and 8 hardened square ways on OP40168, on machine base, this design offers the most rigid support for X axis and Y axis loading.  Large inside work area to assist work piece loading and unloading. And oversized Column Bottom also provides maximum support. The machine is constructed of high quality Meehanite cast iron, heat treated for deformation-free performance. Three axes slide ways are coated with Turcite B to ensure extremely smooth traverse and minimum wear on slide ways. Table and saddle are fully supported through the entire stroke without overhang problem. High precision class C3 ball screws on X,Y,Z axes.

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