About Us

Our values

To use know-how, experiences and sources that we have for the benefit of our customers and to share our knowledge with them to ensure best usage of machines and equipment that they have bought.Not to ignore the long-term benefits of our customers and not to offer any product that we do not want to buy for ourselves.
To be with our customers in after-sale processes by being aware of the fact that our customers prefer to work with us as they rely on us. To be aware of the fact that our most important source is continuous customer satisfaction; and provide fast and quality technical services.
To respect our work, personnel, Suppliers and Customers. To protect individual and occupational confidentiality of our customers.
To keep our promises on time.
To be fair in quotation.
To consider customer benefits as our own and our country’s benefits.


Our Targets

To provide more quality with more competitive prices to much more industrialists by developing our business. To enter into long-term relations based on confidence with our customers and maintain these.
Bu believing that the Quality means “Customers shall give their blessing on the money that they have paid”, it is necessary for us to provide best quality service to our customers.
To be active in such works of which everybody get the best by expertise and right choices.
To contribute the high added-value productions of our country.