Better Accuracy. More Productivity. Less Manpower. High Profitability.

Need more versatility from your current VMC? The new QP5X-400 has it all: better accuracy, more productivity, less manpower and higher profitability. The machine is designed for high-speed, high-precision and high-productivity machining. It’s suitable for such industries as aerospace, automotive industries, mold making or job shops.

The new QP5X-400 is a five-axis, high-speed VMC with applications of five-axis simultaneous or 4+1 axis. The standard machine is fitted with a two-axis, 12.6″ rotary table.

Structure: The machine’s major parts are constructed of highly rigid Meehanite cast iron for superior stability. The column design, an inverted Y-shape, one-piece construction, also offers superior rigidity and stability. The pre-tensioned, Class C3 ball screws are used in all three axes. All servomotors are directly coupled to ball screws, increasing movement sensitivity while dramatically reducing backlash. The series’ footprint is 87″L x 96.5″W x 119″H. An efficient chip-disposal design includes an automatic chip-flushing system that brings cutting chips to the center of the machine base. A screw-type chip conveyor (optional) delivers cutting chips to conveyor (optional), which is located at the front of the machine’s base.

Capacity: The machine has a table load of 220 lbs. with a 12.6″ Trunnion table. The workpiece dimension is 15.7″ x 13.7″H. The maximum table rotation speed is 25 rpm, with feed rates on the A axis and C axis of 25 rpm. The transmission is direct drive. Travel for the X, Y and Z axes are 20.5″ x 15.8″ x 15″, respectively, and the machine weight is 15,510 lbs.

Performance: The series offers a two-axis rotary table with a heavy-duty, three-piece, cross-roller bearing that provides excellent part loading and machining capability and a ±10″ angle encoder for the A axis. A large-diameter BBT spindle design uses four-piece, P4 Class, high-precision angular-contact ball bearings to increase spindle rigidity and loading capability and maintain high accuracy during high-speed machining. A direct-drive spindle is standard for low noise, vibration and thermal expansion. The series provides fast interpolation, maximizing machining time, with a high-linear rapid speed of 1,417 / 1,417 / 1,181 ipm. The spindle taper is #40; spindle power is 15HP/Fanuc, with a spindle speed of 10 rpm (optional 12K and 15K). Tool capacity is 30+1, with a maximum tool diameter and adjacent tool of 3″ or 4.9″ without an adjacent tool.

Control: The series includes a Fanuc 0i-MF control for 4+1 applications; color 8.4″ LCD that includes a three-axis simultaneous controller, linear-circular-helical interpolation and a manual guide 0i. The Fanuc 31iB-5, a 10.4″ TFT LCD color monitor, offers a five-axis simultaneous control.

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Technicial Specifications

Table Size ø 320mm
X Axis Stroke 750mm
Y Axis Stroke 610mm
Z Axis Stroke 550mm
Spindle Taper BBT#40
Tool Storage Capacity 30 set
Spindle Motor Power 15  kw