The super-compact 5-axis grinding machine for production and regrinding. The ARIES 5 is the first low-price tool grinding machine on the market which combines each and every attribute of the latest 5-axis technology and therefore performs better than many larger machines.

Very compact machine base for static rigidity of the system and against thermal expansion. The grinding point near to the machining center guarantees very high precision. The two packages of three or more grinding wheels are paired with coolant nozzles manifolds, aimed at the exact grinding point. The concept enables grinding with wheels of any dimension installed on HSK50 adapters. This small machine is equipped with a water-cooled grinding motor, and generates high horse power torque.

In addition, the ARIES CNC 5 can be equipped with an automatic loading system for round tools. When the machine is equipped in this way, it can produce or regrind lights out for a long time. All movements of the loading robot are CNC-controlled. This enables pallets and tool pockets to be custom defined. The loader’s integrated design ensures that no floor space is wasted and therefore saves money.

Devamı Gör

Teknik Özellikler

X Eksen Hareket Mesafesi 400 mm
Y Eksen Hareket Mesafesi 280 mm
Z Eksen Hareket Mesafesi 300 mm
A Eksen Dönme Açısı 360°
C Eksen Dönme Açısı 340°
Kontrol Ünitesi FANUC 31i B5
Taş Çapı ø 50mm to ø 250mm
Taş Mili Koniği HSK50
Taş Devri 9.000 rpm
Taş Motoru Gücü 10 kW
Ağırlık 3.500kg